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I believe that education is freedom and relationships are the essence of life. When we elevate our awareness to connect with ourselves and each other, we are empowered to realize our highest potential. This conscious connection leads us to discover more meaning and purpose in life.

The vision that unites us as a global community is simple- feel better, live better, be better. Yoga, meditation, and nutrition are essential keys to a healthy life, and community is the way.

I am a product of my community, transformed by those who have called me teacher, student, or friend. Villani Health is inspired by the people and ideas that have motivated me to become a better human being. I have no delusions about being a spiritual master, and the only guru I’ve ever followed is the one who speaks with the voice of my conscience. I’m just a guy from New Jersey with a yoga mat who tries to be better every day.

Like so many others I know, after years of damaging my body and being trapped by destructive thoughts, I began to question my addiction to negative patterns. I started practicing hatha yoga because nothing else was working, and it felt as if my warranty was about to run out. Almost immediately, yoga offered me more effective tools to develop a strong body, a clear mind, and an open heart than any other discipline I had ever experienced. My daily challenge was to show up and breathe. The rest just happened.

Within months, I became addicted to feeling and living better. To support my new habit and become self-sufficient, I trained as a Bikram Method instructor with no intention to teach. After all, I had moved to Los Angeles to become a hugely successful rock star and reasoned that teaching yoga would most likely conflict with future tour dates.

A year later I was chosen to direct the largest yoga teacher-training program in the world. That intensive nine week, five-hundred hour course would graduate an average of over six hundred teachers each year, a responsibility for which I was blissfully unprepared and from which I learned much.

I’m honored to have assisted so many good people through self-transformation and blessed to do what I love with those I care about most. I’ve travelled the world to develop lasting relationships with extraordinary friends and have learned more from my students than they ever have from me.

When we understand that our most influential teacher stands before us in the mirror, we can lead others toward that same realization. When we agree to share our strength, passion, and commitment, there is no limit to what we can achieve. With gratitude and integrity, we can realize abundance in our relationships and elevate the awareness of every person on the planet, one breath at a time.

Thank you for visiting this space and for caring enough to read these words. I hope that Villani Health can connect good people with true ideas to inspire a more beautiful world. Alone, we can do much. Together, we can do anything. The first step is to show up and breathe.

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About Craig

A Few Words About Craig

Craig Villani is a passionate student of life. He began speaking publicly at age six and won national awards for writing before graduating high school. After earning his Bachelor of Science degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology, he entered into the developing field of health and fitness as a wellness consultant.

Craig has been teaching yoga since 1999 and served for nearly a decade as International Director of Education and Teacher Training for the Yoga College of India. Throughout his tenure, he guided thousands of yoga instructors and facilitators through what was widely considered one of the most challenging and successful hatha yoga training programs in the world.

He has led thousands of classes and hundreds of seminars, workshops, lectures, conferences, and retreats throughout the world, focusing on yoga therapy, mindfulness, and integrative health. Internationally recognized for his expertise in professional development and leadership, Craig’s practical and accessible teaching style is grounded in efficacy, precision, and a somewhat irreverent sense of humor.

Throughout his travels, Craig has had the privilege of teaching and consulting exceptional people from exceptional careers, including health care professionals, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, salespersons, professional athletes, military personnel, stay-at-home parents, educators, firefighters, and law enforcement officers. Based out of Los Angeles, he has counted many luminaries of the entertainment industry among his regular students.

Fortunate to be afforded a wealth of unique opportunities, Craig is trained in Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and mindfulness practice, martial arts, transcendental meditation, raja yoga, holistic health, yoga therapy and philosophy, competitive athletics and weightlifting, nutritional counseling, integrative healing, business administration, physics, psychology, and poetry.

Craig believes that education is freedom and focuses his energies to support organizations that share his conviction. He is grateful to assist Plan International USA in their mission to improve the quality of education for all children of the developing world; Uprising Yoga, which brings yoga to the Los Angeles County Juvenile Hall; the Kokua Hawaii Foundation in their support of environmental education in schools and communities throughout Hawaii; and A Glimmer of Hope, which lifts women and children out of extreme poverty through health and education.

A singer/songwriter and big fan of lazy Sundays, Craig is confident that Self-realization can be attained in a shady hammock on a warm beach with an old guitar, a cool drink, and a good friend. He has taught yoga in India and even knows a few Sanskrit words.

Born in New Jersey, Craig resides in Los Angeles, CA.

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